Switching from an integration node listener to embedded listeners

Configure your integration nodes and integration servers so that some or all of the HTTP or SOAP nodes use an integration server (embedded) listener. SOAP nodes use an embedded listener by default. You might have changed them to use the integration node listener, but now want to return to using embedded listeners.

About this task

You can change the configuration for one or more integration servers so that HTTP or SOAP nodes deployed in these integration servers use the embedded listener.


  1. Check that the integration node is running.
  2. If you want all HTTP and SOAP nodes in all integration servers to use the embedded listener, you can change the integration node configuration to disable the integration node listener.
    Run the mqsichangeproperties command to change the integration node configuration. Do not run this command if you want to keep the integration node listener active for at least one of your integration servers.
    mqsichangeproperties IBNODE -b httplistener -o HTTPListener 
    	-n startListener -v false
    All integration servers detect this change of status, and use the embedded listener when they are restarted, regardless of their own specific configuration. Therefore, you can switch to using embedded listeners for all integration servers by running this single command.

    If you disable the integration node listener in this way, you can configure an integration server to use the same port or ports that the integration node listener was using for HTTP, HTTPS, or both. Reusing the port numbers means that you do not have to change your client applications to send messages to a different port number.

  3. To switch to using the embedded listener for a specific integration server, use the mqsichangeproperties command to change the integration server configuration.
    • To use the mqsichangeproperties command, adapt one of the following examples:
      mqsichangeproperties IBNODE -e exgroup1 -o ExecutionGroup 
      	-n soapNodesUseEmbeddedListener -v true
      mqsichangeproperties IBNODE -e exgroup1 -o ExecutionGroup 
      	-n httpNodesUseEmbeddedListener -v true
      IBNODE is the name of your integration node; exgroup1 is the name of your integration server.
  4. Stop and restart the integration node to implement your changes.


For more information about this command, and examples of changing other properties associated with integration nodes or integration servers, see the description of the mqsichangeproperties command.