Use the special field type XML.AsisElementContent to precisely control generated XML.

XML.AsisElementContent is a special field type. Use the field type in a message flow to precisely control the XML that is generated in an output message, without the safeguards of the Element, Attribute, and Content syntax elements. The XMLNS parser never creates elements with this field type.

Try to avoid using AsisElementContent; there is typically a safer alternative approach. If you do use AsisElementContent, it is your responsibility to ensure that the output message is well-formed XML.

You might choose to use AsisElementContent if, for example, you want to suppress the usual behavior in which occurrences of ampersand (&), less than (<), greater than (>), double quotation mark ("), and apostrophe (') are replaced by the predefined XML entities &amp;, &lt;, &gt;, &quot;, and &apos;.

The following example illustrates the use of AsisElementContent. The statement:
Set OutputRoot.XMLNS.(XML.Element)Message.(XML.Content) = '<rawMarkup>';
generates the following XML in an output message:
However, the statement:
Set OutputRoot.XMLNS.(XML.Element)Message.(XML.AsisElementContent) = '<rawMarkup>';
generates the following XML in an output message:
This shows that the value of an AsisElementContent syntax element is not modified before it is written to the output message.