Downloading from a pattern community website

To use a user-defined pattern in your IBM® Integration Bus projects, download and install the pattern archive for the user-defined pattern from a pattern community website.

Before you begin

Before you can complete this task, you must have the URL of the user-defined pattern that you want to download.

In this installation use case, only HTTP URLs that have no security are supported.

About this task

If you want to stop the download process, click Cancel, the pattern is not installed and the tasks are rolled back. If you click Cancel again, the Download Pattern window closes.


  1. In the Patterns Explorer view, click Download.
    The Download and Install Pattern window opens.
  2. Type in, or copy and paste, the complete URL for the pattern archive into the File Location field, click Download.
    The progress monitor starts to run and the status line shows the individual tasks that are being performed.


The new user-defined pattern is displayed in the Patterns Explorer view.

What to do next

You can now use the user-defined pattern in your projects. See Using patterns.