Working with files

You can use the FileInput, FileRead, CDInput, and FTEInput nodes in your message flows to process data from files. You can use the FileOutput node, CDOutput, and FTEOutput node to send data from a message flow into a file.

About this task

Using files is one of the most common methods of storing data. You can create message flows to process data in files, accepting data in files as input message data, and producing output message data for file-based destinations. The following file nodes are provided:

The FileInput and FTEInput nodes start the message flow when a new file arrives, whereas the FileRead node must be connected to another node to start the message flow transaction. The FileRead node also provides keyed access to identify a record, unlike the FileInput node, which processes all records in order.

By using these five nodes, you can also process large files without the complete message being held in memory, and you can simplify the processing of files that have large numbers of repeating entries.

If you are accessing files on an NFS share, ensure that you are using NFS version 4. The server must support file locking.