Outbound processing for Siebel Business Applications

WebSphere® Adapter for Siebel Business Applications supports synchronous outbound processing. This means that when the component sends a request in the form of a WebSphere business object hierarchy to the adapter, the adapter processes the request and returns a WebSphere business object hierarchy that represents the result of the operation.

When the adapter receives a WebSphere business object hierarchy, the adapter processes it as follows:

  1. The adapter extracts metadata from the WebSphere business object hierarchy.
  2. It identifies the appropriate Siebel objects to access (for example, Siebel business objects and business components, or Siebel business services, integrations objects, and integration components) depending on the objects against which the artifacts were generated.
  3. The adapter extracts the outbound operation to perform from the WebSphere business object hierarchy.
  4. After accessing the required Siebel objects, the adapter retrieves, updates, deletes, or creates a Siebel business component hierarchy or performs the corresponding business service method on the integration component hierarchy.
  5. If there are updates (Create, Update, Delete), the adapter populates that Siebel object (business or integration component hierarchy) with data from the hierarchy of WebSphere business objects.

Supported Outbound Operations

WebSphere Adapter for Siebel Business Applications supports the outbound operations shown in the following table.

Table 1. Supported outbound operations
Operation Description
Create Creates the business component.
Delete Deletes the business component and its children.
Exists Checks for the existence of incoming business objects. The output business object, "ExistsResult" will be returned with the boolean value populated.
Retrieve Specifies the value of the business component.
RetrieveAll Retrieves multiple instances of the same business component and populates it as the container object.
Update Updates the Siebel application with the incoming business object.