Creating a custom event project in PeopleTools

The WebSphere® Adapter requires an event project in PeopleSoft to perform asynchronous inbound event processing. Use PeopleTools to create the custom event project.

Before you begin

Add the required external software dependencies for PeopleSoft.

About this task

If your environment requires inbound event support, you must use a custom event project in PeopleSoft. A sample event project, IBM_EVENT_V600, is provided with the adapter. You can modify and use and the sample project, or you can create your own project by using PeopleTools. If you create your own project, make sure that you complete the following steps.


  1. Use PeopleTools Application Designer to create and name a new project.
  2. Create the fields for the new project as described in the following table:
    Field name Field description
    IBM_EVENT_ID A numeric value that is retrieved from IBM_FETCH_ID record. This value is a unique ID for the event.
    IBM_OBJECT_NAME The name of the corresponding business graph.
    IBM_OBJECT_KEYS The get key property names in the Component Interface, followed by the key values in name-value pairs. This information is used for the component's retrieval from the EIS.
    IBM_EVENT_STATUS If the event is ready to be polled, the status is set to 0 and the IBMPublishEvent function is called.
    IBM_OBJECT_VERB The verb that is set on the business object graph that contains the retrieved business object.
    IBM_EVENT_DTTM The date on which the event is created. For a future dated event, this is the effective date.
    IBM_NEXT_EVENT_ID The field that has the latest event ID under the record IBM_FETCH_ ID. This field is incremented for each event that is added to the IBM_EVENT_TBL, and it populates the IBM_EVENT_ID field in that table.
    IBM_XID The transaction ID that is needed to provide assured event delivery.
  3. Create a record named IBM_EVENT_TBL and add to it all the fields that you have just created, except IBM_NEXT_EVENT_ID.
  4. Create a record named IBM_FETCH_ID and add to it only the IBM_NEXT_EVENT_ID field.
  5. Open the IBM_FETCH_ID record, select the IBM_NEXT_EVENT_ID field, view the PeopleCode, and select fieldformula.
  6. Copy the PeopleCode for a custom event project from PeopleCode for a custom event project to the project that you are creating.
  7. Create a page under your project that contains the fields of the IBM_EVENT_TBL record at level 0. The page can have any name.
  8. Create a component under your project that contains the page that you have just created. The component can have any name.
  9. Create a Component Interface against this component and give it any name. Confirm that you want to default the properties that are based on the underlying component definition.
  10. Build the entire project, selecting all create options.
  11. Test and confirm that the Component Interface works, by using the Component Interface tester.
  12. Generate the Java™ APIs for the Component Interface, then add the generated classes to the adapter classpath.
    For complete information about building a PeopleTools project and testing the PeopleSoft Component Interface, refer to PeopleSoft documentation.