Deploying the message flows

This is the third of a set of instructions on setting up your system to use WS-Addressing with IBM® Integration Bus, and illustrates the deployment of the message flows.

About this task

This topic describes the deployment of the message flows that you have already constructed.


  1. Select the LocalProject project under BARs in the navigator pane.
    1. Right-click in the Application Development view, then click New > BAR file.
    2. Set the location to LocalProject.
    3. In the Name field, enter the name that you selected for the main message flow described in Building the main message flow.
    4. Click Finish to open the BAR Editor.
  2. In the BAR Editor, complete the following steps.
    1. Select Message flows, libraries, and other message flow dependencies, and select the main message flow and logger message flow, and the main message set.
    2. Click Build and Save and confirm that the build operation was successful.
  3. To deploy the message flows to the default integration servers, right-click the BAR file that you have just built, then click Deploy.
  4. Select the default integration server and click Finish to start the deployment.
    Ensure that you receive a successful response message, and press OK to dismiss the information dialog.
  5. Use the Deployment Log to confirm that the deploy operation was successful: