Activating IBM License Metric Tool for WebSphere Adapters

If you want to use IBM® License Metric Tool (ILMT), you must activate it for each of the WebSphere® Adapters.

About this task

ITLM enables you to monitor the usage of IBM (and other) software products. For more information, see the IBM License Metric Tool website.

The following steps describe how to activate the ILMT file for each of the adapters.


  1. Locate the ILMT directory for the adapter.
    • For SAP: install_dir/itlm/SAP
    • For Siebel: install_dir/itlm/Siebel
    • For PeopleSoft: install_dir/itlm/PeopleSoft
    • For JD Edwards: install_dir/itlm/JDE
  2. Remove the inactive file extension from the file in the ILMT directory so that it ends with .sys2.


After you have performed these steps, when you run ILMT, the adapter is visible.