Monitoring flows by using IBM Business Monitor

You can monitor message flows by using IBM® Business Monitor.

Before you begin

About this task

IBM Business Monitor is business activity monitoring software that provides a real-time view of your business processes and operations. It contains personalized business dashboards that calculate and display key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics derived from business processes, business activity data, and business events from a wide range of information sources, including IBM Integration Bus message flows. You can get immediate insight into your business operations so that you can mitigate problems or take immediate advantage of opportunities, resulting in cost savings and increased revenues.

Before you export a message flow, ensure that the message flow is not empty and has no error markers in the Problems view. Also, consider the following requirements of IBM Business Monitor:
  • IBM Business Monitor must be able to identify the start and end of a monitoring context. Always define transaction events (transaction.Start, transaction.End, and transaction.Rollback) on message flows that are monitored by IBM Business Monitor.
  • The IBM Business Monitor toolkit does not support local elements with anonymous types. The export monitoring information option therefore does not generate an event part for event payload XPath queries that resolve to an element of this type. You see a warning message in the report log flowProjectName_batchgen_report.txt.
  • The IBM Business Monitor toolkit does not support creating metrics of type xs:anyType. If an XPath expression in your event payload resolves to an element of type xs:anyType, the export monitoring information option creates an event part of this type, but you cannot create a metric of this type in the IBM Business Monitor toolkit. Create an event part with a supported type; see Defining Event Parts in the IBM Business Monitor information center.
  • If you include unmodeled data, the export monitoring information option cannot type the data. It assigns a type of string to the data.
  • The option to export monitoring information does not support XPath queries that contain wildcards.
Tip: To identify transaction.Start and transaction.End events separately that are issued following message flow error handling, create an event source on the Failure terminal of the Input node.

To monitor message flows from IBM Integration Bus, generate a monitor model in the IBM Business Monitor development toolkit. Follow the instructions in the appropriate topic.