Configuring monitoring for message flows

You can configure your message flow to emit event messages that can be used to support transaction monitoring and auditing, and business process monitoring.

Before you begin

About this task

Note: Monitoring messages are published to MQ pub/sub brokers by using the persistent as topic option. Publications resolve to be nonpersistent by default, but you can change a publication to be persistent by configuring named topics in WebSphere® MQ. For more information, see the Subscriptions and message persistence topic in the WebSphere MQ Version 7.5 product documentation online.

Monitoring messages are published to MQTT brokers as nonpersistent by default. However, subscribers to MQTT brokers specify the maximum quality of service (QoS) that they require, which determines whether the message is delivered only once or more than once, and whether a confirmation of receipt is required. For more information, see

To receive monitoring events, complete the following tasks.


  1. Configure event sources on the flow by using either monitoring properties or a monitoring profile.
  2. Enable event sources by using either the monitoring properties on the node or the -i parameter on the mqsichangeflowmonitoring command.
  3. Activate monitoring for the flow by setting the -c parameter on the mqsichangeflowmonitoring command.
  4. Ensure that event publication for monitoring messages is enabled and has been correctly configured.
  5. Subscribe to the topic for the flow; see Subscribing to event message topics.

What to do next

You can use the web user interface or IBM Business Monitor to monitor your transactions and message flows: