LoopBack Activity log

The LoopBack® Activity log provides a high-level overview of how IBM® Integration Bus interacts with LoopBack connectors by using the LoopBackRequest node.

Activity Log content

When a LoopBackRequest node issues a request for an operation through a LoopBack connector, information is written to the activity log for successful and failed processing.

The LoopBackRequest node activity log messages contain the following information:
  • The name of the operation: create, retrieve, update, or delete.
  • The dataSourceName.
  • The object name.
  • The ID, where applicable; for example, it is provided for an operation to delete records by ID, but not for a retrieve operation without a filter.
  • The status of the operation, indicating whether the operation is about to start, has completed successfully, or has failed.

Activity Log entries written by the LoopBackRequest node are not associated with a message flow and are not visible in the Activity Log Viewer in the web user interface; however, they are available when a configurable service of type ActivityLog is used to write your Activity logs to a file system.