Linux and UNIX systems: Configuring the syslog daemon

On Linux® and UNIX systems, all IBM® Integration Bus messages (other than messages that are generated by the command-line utilities) are sent to the syslog subsystem.

About this task

UNIX platformYou must configure this subsystem so that all diagnostic messages that enable you to monitor the performance and behavior of your integration node environment are displayed.

The configuration steps you make to ensure that all relevant messages are displayed depend on the version of Linux and UNIX that you are using. Refer to your operating system documentation relating to syslog (or syslog-ng for some versions of Linux) for information about how to configure the syslog subsystem.

IBM Integration Bus processes call the syslog commands on the operating system but only those messages that correspond to the filter defined for the output destination are displayed. IBM Integration Bus messages have:
  • A facility of user.
  • A level of err, warn, or info, depending on the severity of the situation causing the message to be issued.
To record all IBM Integration Bus messages, create a filter on the user facility for messages of level info or greater. It is good practice to write these messages to a separate file; there might be a high number of them and they are more likely to be of interest to broker administrators rather than to system administrators.
The following line in a syslog.conf file causes all IBM Integration Bus events to be written to a file /var/log/user.log /var/log/user.log
Note: Ensure that your log file permissions are set to -rw-rw-rw. For example:
chmod 666 /var/log/user.log

Many UNIX systems provide a command-line utility, known as logger, to help you test and refine your configuration of the syslog subsystem.

On UNIX, syslog entries are restricted in length and messages that are sent to the syslog are truncated by the new line character. To record a large amount of data in a log on UNIX, set the Destination property on the Trace node to File or User Trace instead of Local Error Log.

What to do next

See the documentation for your operating system.