Developing independent DFDL applications

Develop independent Java™ application programs that use the IBM® DFDL API to parse a text or binary data stream into the equivalent logical information, or to serialize logical information into an equivalent text or binary data stream.

Before you begin

Before you start:

  • Read about the IBM DFDL Java classes. Documentation for the IBM DFDL Java classes is provided in the following .zip file:
    install_dir is the directory that you specified as the installation directory for IBM Integration Bus.

About this task

A sample is provided to demonstrate how to use the IBM DFDL API. Run and explore the sample to learn what you can do with the IBM DFDL API. The IBM DFDL API sample is in the install_dir\server\sample\dfdl directory. For information about how to use the IBM DFDL API to develop independent programs, see Configuring an environment for independent DFDL applications.

What to do next

  • When you have written and tested your programs, you can distribute them to the systems that you want to run those programs. If a system that you want to run your IBM DFDL API independent programs does not have the IBM Integration Bus runtime component installed, you must complete additional configuration steps; see Configuring environments without the integration node component installed.