Parameter values for the securitycache component

Select the objects and properties associated with the securitycache component that you want to change.

Entries are created in the security cache when a message flow with a security profile performs authentication, mapping, or authorization. The entries are valid for the length of time that is specified by the cacheTimeout property of the securitycache component after which the entries are marked as expired. When an entry is marked as expired, it must be reauthenticated, mapped, or reauthorized with the security provider before it can be reused, and its expiry time is reset. You can use the mqsireloadsecurity command to force the immediate expiry of some or all of the entries in the security cache.

To change these properties, you must specify the integration node name and -b securitycache. You must also set the ObjectName to SecurityCache.

-n cacheTimeout
The timeout value for marking entries in the cache as invalid. The time is specified in seconds.
  • Value type - integer
  • Initial value - 60
  • Other valid values: any positive integer.

The cacheSweepInterval property, which is displayed when you report the properties of the securitycache component, is ignored and has no effect.

See the mqsichangeproperties command for examples of its use.