IBM Integration Bus Advanced Pattern Type for IBM PureApplication System

Use IBM® Integration Bus Advanced Pattern Type for IBM PureApplication® System (the Pattern Type) to easily create, deploy, and manage IBM Integration Bus patterns in IBM PureApplication System.

Features/Business value

  • Simple integration of a wide range of business applications and data, including web services, devices, packaged applications, databases, files, and many more.
  • Seamless integration with the IBM MQ Advanced Pattern Type for PureApplication System.
  • Foundational technology for users of other patterns; for example, to build a governed and policy-driven service-oriented architecture (SOA).
  • Options to deploy a fully configured system:
    • A basic development configuration to get started quickly
    • An advanced configuration for extra flexibility
    • A high-availability configuration that uses IBM MQ multi-instance queue managers
  • Two operating system and hardware combinations are available: Linux on x86-64 and AIX® on POWER®.
  • For use with IBM PureApplication System and IBM PureApplication Service on SoftLayer®.
  • For use by IBM Integration Bus Advanced entitlement holders.

Customer benefits

  • Flexible integration: Add, replace, or upgrade endpoints easily.
  • Rapid time to value: Spend less time learning, installing, and configuring infrastructure, and more time focusing on delivering new business value.
  • Reduce operational costs: Simplified environment management and maintenance.


A Glossary of terms and abbreviations is also available that describes common words and phrases that are used with the Pattern Type.

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