Reporting Activity Log data to IBM Cloud Log Analysis

You can use an ActivityLog configurable service to configure your integration servers to send Activity Log data to IBM® Cloud Log Analysis. You can then view the data in an IBM Integration Bus Kibana dashboard, alongside your other logging and statistics data.

About this task

Use the bluemixReporting property of the ActivityLog configurable service to enable the reporting of the Activity Log data to the Log Analysis service in IBM Cloud.

For more information about the properties that can be set and their possible values, see ActivityLog configurable service.


To define and customize a configurable service to report Activity Log data to Log Analysis, complete the following steps:

  1. Run the mqsichangebluemixreporting command from the host machine that is running IBM Integration Bus (typically on-premise) to configure and activate the IBM Cloud reporting feature.
    You can configure either a specified integration server or all integration servers on a specified integration node.
    For example, the following command specifies that all integration servers (as specified by the -g parameter) on integration node myIntegrationNode1 will report to IBM Cloud Log Analysis in the us-south region, for the specified user organization and space:
    mqsichangebluemixreporting myIntegrationNode1 -g -l active -r us-south 
    -o -a dev -u -p password1 -d 
    You can set the logging status to active only if valid values are specified (or have been specified previously) for the following parameters:
    • -r region
    • -o organization
    • -a space
    • -u userName
    • -p password
    • -d

    For more information about these parameters, see the mqsichangebluemixreporting command.

  2. Define a configurable service of type ActivityLog, and set the bluemixReporting property to true.
    You can define the configurable service by using either the IBM Integration Bus web user interface or the mqsicreateconfigurableservice command. For information about how to complete this step, see Creating configurable services.
  3. Restart the integration node (or all the integration servers that you have configured) for the changes to take effect.
    When the reporting status is active, data for all configured integration servers on the specified integration node will be sent to IBM Cloud Log Analysis. Alternatively, if you specified a named integration server (by using the -e parameter), data will be reported for that integration server only.

    The default interval for sending events to IBM Cloud Log Analysis is 60 seconds, so there can be a delay of up to 60 seconds before you see events in the Kibana dashboard.

  4. You can now view the data from your configured and restarted integration servers, by logging into IBM Cloud Log Analysis and opening the IBM Integration Bus Kibana dashboard. For more information, see Viewing logging and statistics information in the IBM Integration Bus Kibana dashboard in IBM Cloud.

What to do next

You can view the properties that have been set for an ActivityLog configurable service, either by using the web user interface or by running the mqsireportproperties command. For more information, see Viewing configurable services.

You can use the mqsichangeproperties command to change the properties of an ActivityLog configurable service when it has been created. For example, you can turn off the reporting of Activity Log data to IBM Cloud Log Analysis by using the following command:
mqsichangeproperties IBNODE -c ActivityLog 
-o ActivityLogConfigurableServiceName -n bluemixReporting -v false
where ActivityLogConfigurableServiceName is the name of the ActivityLog configurable service that you want to change.