Monitoring MariaDB

The MariaDB sensor is automatically deployed and installed after you install the Instana agent.

Supported Versions

Monitoring of all metrics is supported for MariaDB versions from 10.0.x to 10.5.x.

Sensor (Data Collection)


In order to enable in depth metric monitoring, you need to inform the Agent about the credentials to access monitoring information. You can configure it in the agent <agent_install_dir>/etc/instana/configuration.yaml:

  user: ''
  password: ''

Required DB Permissions

For the sensor to be able to collect performance information about the DBMS, read-only access to the schema performance_schema is required.

The performance schema is disabled by default for performance reasons.

This is an example how to create an account with the required rights:

GRANT SELECT ON performance_schema.* TO '<instana_mon_user>'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'instana_mon_pwd';

Metrics collection

To view the metrics, select Infrastructure in the sidebar of the Instana User interface, click a specific monitored host, and then you can see a host dashboard with all the collected metrics and monitored processes.

Configuration data

  • Process ID
  • Port
  • Version
  • Start time
  • Role

Performance metrics

Metric Description Granularity
Client Connections The number of connections 1 second
Client Max used connections The number of max used connections 1 second
Client Aborted connects The number of aborted connects 1 second
Slow Queries The number of slow queries 1 second
Key Access Read and Write Requests 1 second
Aria Engine Properties Pagecache Reads and Writes 1 second