Monitoring Google Cloud Datastore


The Instana Google Cloud integration uses Service Accounts to create an API connection between Google Cloud and Instana. Below are instructions for creating the service account and providing Instana the service account credentials to begin making API calls on your behalf.

  1. Navigate to Google Cloud credentials page for the Google Cloud project you would like to setup the Instana integration.
  2. Press Create credentials and then select Service account key
  3. In the Service account dropdown, select New service account
  4. Give the service account a unique name
  5. Choose a role or create a custom one which contains at least the following permissions:
    • monitoring.timeSeries.list
    • resourcemanager.projects.get
  6. Select JSON as the key type, and press create
  7. Take note where this file is saved, as it is needed to complete the integration
  8. Add a field to configuration.yml credentials_path with path to credentials file. (Example in configuration section.)

In order to monitor project(s) the following services need to be enabled:


You can configure the Google Cloud Datastore metrics poll rate in seconds by adding the following configuration to the configuration file of the GCP Agent:

  enabled: true
  poll_rate: 60 # How often Google's monitoring API will be polled
  credentials_path: '/opt/instana/credentials/cred-gcp.json' # Path to Service Account credentials    

Google Cloud Datastore - Metrics collection

Configuration data

  • Project Name
  • Project ID
  • Project Number
  • Creation Time

Performance metrics

Metric Description Reducer/Aligner
Requests Count Count of Datastore API calls. REDUCE_SUM/ALIGN_DELTA
Entity Read Size Average Distribution of sizes of read entities, average value. REDUCE_MEAN/ALIGN_DELTA
Entity Write Size Average Distribution of sizes of written entities, average value. REDUCE_MEAN/ALIGN_DELTA
Index Write Count Count of Datastore index writes. REDUCE_SUM/ALIGN_DELTA

Granularity for all metrics is 60 seconds.

Health signatures

For each sensor, there is a curated knowledge base of health signatures that are evaluated continuously against the incoming metrics and are used to raise issues or incidents depending on user impact.

Built-in events trigger issues or incidents based on failing health signatures on entities, and custom events trigger issues or incidents based on defined thresholds of any given entity's individual metrics.

For information about built-events for the Google Cloud Datastore, see the Built-in events reference.