Endpoints and keys

You can use different Instana agents to monitor your technology stacks as you need, including host agents, cloud service agents, serverless agents, and web and mobile agents.

To create a relation between the monitoring agent and the environment that it belongs to, you need the Agent key. To download additional artefacts when you deploy a dynamic agent, you need the Download key.

In addition, since Instana is available as a self-hosted (on-premises) solution, or as a SaaS solution, which can be hosted in multiple public clouds like AWS and Google Cloud, multiple addresses are needed for data ingress to the Instana agents like the host agent or the serverless agents.

Agent key

The agent key is used to create a relation between the monitoring agent and the environment it belongs to. Several installation methods of the host-agent, such as the one-liner for Linux® machines, use the agent key as an authentication method, which grants the executing machine access to the downloadable artifact. The agent key also grants permission to ingest data for a specific environment.

The agent key can be found by clicking Deploy Agent within the Instana user interfaces' landing page.

Download key

In addition to the agent key, Instana On-Premises deployments provide a download key. This key serves for downloading additional artefacts when deploying a dynamic agent. If you are utilizing an Instana distributed On-Premises deployment this will be provided for you by Instana. Depending on you agent installation the download key can be provided during installation or startup. Refer to the linux or container documentation for details.

Monitoring Ingress endpoints

The ingress endpoint for monitoring technologies depends on the type of data that is ingested, and where the installation is located.

When you have doubts, go to your Instana installation, click ... More > Agents > Installing Instana Agents, and choose the type of installation you want to use. The dialog guides you through the process, and also provide the correct value for your Instana installation and environment.

Endpoints for the host and cloud service agents

Use these values when you configure the Instana Host agent or the Instana AWS agent, or whenever you need to provide environment variables that are named INSTANA_AGENT_ENDPOINT and INSTANA_AGENT_ENDPOINT_PORT. In fact, with the exceptions that are mentioned in Serverless Monitoring and Website and Mobile App Agents, the following are always the values you are looking for.

Region URL
AWS Europe https://ingress-blue-saas.instana.io
AWS US https://ingress-red-saas.instana.io
GCP Europe https://ingress-green-saas.instana.io
GCP US https://ingress-orange-saas.instana.io
GCP US https://ingress-coral-saas.instana.io

Endpoints for serverless monitoring

Use these values for configuring serverless monitoring, which includes:

You can also obtain the correct values for these environment variables by going to your Instana installation, click ... More > Agents > Installing Instana Agents > Platform: "AWS", and then choose the technology that you are interested in (AWS Lambda or AWS Fargate).

AWS Europe https://serverless-blue-saas.instana.io
AWS US https://serverless-red-saas.instana.io
GCP Europe https://serverless-green-saas.instana.io
GCP US https://serverless-orange-saas.instana.io
GCP US https://serverless-coral-saas.instana.io

Endpoints for website and mobile app agents

These values are used in website monitoring and mobile app monitoring.

Region Type URL
AWS Europe Website & Mobile App Agents https://eum-blue-saas.instana.io
AWS US Website & Mobile App Agents https://eum-red-saas.instana.io
GCP Europe Website & Mobile App Agents https://eum-green-saas.instana.io
GCP US Website & Mobile App Agents https://eum-orange-saas.instana.io
GCP US Website & Mobile App Agents https://eum-coral-saas.instana.io
Global Website JavaScript Agent Download https://eum.instana.io