By using the Instana web REST API, you can retrieve data such as traces, metrics, and configurations such as service extraction and user management. For more information, see web REST API docs.


To use the web REST API, you need to create an API token and assign permissions. To create an API token, use either of the following ways, of which each requires a different permission.

Unit-specific API tokens

Click Settings > Access control > API tokens in the Instana UI, on the "API token management" page, you can configure Unit-specific API tokens by assigning varying permissions.

To create or view API tokens, the user must have the API token configuration permission (assigned through a Instana group). Unit-specific tokens can be seen and modified by anyone with the correct permission.

Personal API tokens

Click Settings > User settings > Personal API tokens, you can create Personal API tokens, which require only a name to be set.

This token "inherits" the permission of the creating user. If an Instana user has the user management permission, then so does the personal API token of the said user. Users need the Personal API token permission to use this feature.

These tokens can be used when individual accountability and traceability are important or when users do not want their own API tokens to be exposed to other users.

Instana web REST API examples