Slack alert channel

To send alert notifications from Instana to Slack in real time, create a Slack alert channel shown on this page.

Creating a Slack alert channel

To create a Slack alert channel, click Settings > Team Settings > Events & Alerts > Alert Channels > Add Alert Channel in the Instana UI.

  • Name - Name of the Alert Channel in Instana
  • Webhook URL - Webhook URL generated from user's Slack application (see next section for instructions)
  • Icon URL - URL of Icon user choses to show when message is received
  • Channel Name - Slack channel name from user's Slack workspace

slack alert channel

Generating Slack Webhook URL

Make sure you meet the following prerequisites for the Slack Webhook URL field:

  • The Slack Webhook URL must be generated by Slack (in the browser or Slack application).
  • After accessing Slack, a "Slack application" must be configured to allow incoming alerts from Instana.

You can generate a Slack Webhook URL by completing one of the following options:

  • Create your own customized Slack app and enable the Incoming Webhooks feature (recommended)
  • Use the Incoming Webhooks app (Legacy)

Creating your own Slack app

To create your own Slack app, complete the following steps.

  1. Click on the Create App button and choose from scratch.

    Create App

  2. Enable the Incoming Webhooks feature in this app.

    Enable webhooks

  3. Select the appropriate Slack workspace from the dropdown menu.

    Select workspace

  4. You can see that a webhook link is generated for a specific channel. Copy this link and insert it to the corresponding Instana Slack alert channel.

    Webhook URL link

For more information, see Create your own Slack app.

Incoming Webhooks app

  1. Click Browse apps > Custom Integrations > Incoming Webhooks. See the Slack app section for more details.
  2. If the Slack webhook URL is not specified, the Slack integration posts to the channel that is configured on the Slack side, and you can override the channel and user icon by configuring it on the Instana side.

Incoming Webhooks

Alerting examples

After you create the alert channel, alerts for the following events are received as an HTTP POST to the configured Slack Webhook URL (HTTP or HTTPS), the address which the alerts will be sent to.

See the following examples:

On open issues or incidents

garbage collection

On close issues or incidents

garbage collection 2