Monitoring BizTalk Server

The sensor for BizTalk is automatically deployed and installed after you install the Instana agent.

The sensor for BizTalk collects information based on BizTalk host-instances configured and running on a physical or virtual host.

Sensor (Data Collection)

Tracked Configuration

BizTalk Details Description
Group Name Name of the group this server belongs to
App Name Name of the application served by this instance


Name Description
Documents processed Number of documents this instance has processed per second
Documents suspended Number of suspended documents per seconds
Documents received Number of documents received by this instance per second
Documents resubmitted Number of documents that have been resubmitted per second
Active Send Locations Numbers of send-locations currently active on this instance
Active Send Threads Number of threads working on sending documents from the configured locations
Active Receive Locations Number of receive-locations currently active on this instance
Active Receive Threads Number of active threads processing documents received via the configured locations
Delivery Delay Number of milliseconds the delivery of documents is being delayed (i.e. due to throttling)