Automation Action HTTP

The Automation Action HTTP sensor is a component of Instana Managing actions feature. This sensor allows you to run the HTTP actions that are created by using the Action catalog on the target agent. The sensor is automatically deployed and installed after you install the Instana agent.


To use the sensor in a self-hosted (on-premises) environment, ensure that the automation feature flag is enabled.


By default, the sensor is disabled. To enable the sensor, update the agent configuration file as shown in the following example:

  enabled: true # by default is false

Maximum concurrent actions configuration

By default, the HTTP sensor runs 10 concurrent HTTP actions. If you want to control the number of concurrent HTTP actions, add the maxConcurrentActions attribute to the HTTP sensor configuration in the agent configuration file as follows:

  enabled: true
  maxConcurrentActions: 5  # optional, default value is 10

Vault integration

If the HTTP action in your action catalog uses Vault parameters, then you need to enable the Vault sensor by using the Vault sensor configuration. The Vault parameter integration of actions currently supports token authentication and the following configuration parameters path_to_pem_file and kv_version.