Build 257

Build 257 is released on 5 September 2023.

Upcoming Breaking Changes

Deprecated Legacy Python AutoTrace will be disabled by default

After the release of Instana - Python - Discovery version 1.9.12, which is planned for 19 September 2023, the deprecated Python autotracing feature is not enabled by default. If you still use this deprecated feature, prepare for its removal. For more information about the options, see Deprecated: Legacy Python AutoTrace.


IBM MQ sensor: Notification for RDQM switchover

Instana automatically discovers and monitors RDQM (replicated data queue manager) queue managers in a high availability (HA) group. Each RDQM queue manager's running node and standby nodes are shown in the Instana UI. If a switchover occurs, to move a running queue manager from one node to the other, an event is triggered to notify that a switchover occurred on the node.

IBM MQ Tracing

Nginx sensor

Nginx sensor now supports Windows operating systems.

OTel C++ client SDK package

Now you can include OpenTelemetry Instrumentation in your C++ applications by using OTel C++ client SDK. For more information, see Installing the OTel C++ client SDK package.

Table widget for Infrastructure and Platforms

You can create table widgets in custom dashboards for Infrastructure and Platforms. For more information, see Table widget.


Salesforce alert channel

You can now create Salesforce incidents by using Instana. After you create a Salesforce alert channel in the Instana UI, all alert notifications that are sent by Instana can be sent to Salesforce through Salesforce Incident Object Model.

For more information, see Integrating with Salesforce (Beta).


Event APIs

  • To retrieve agent monitoring events exclusively, now you can use GET /api/events/agent-monitoring-events. For more information, see OpenAPI.
  • To retrieve Kubernetes info events exclusively, now you can use the GET /api/events/kubernetes-info-events API. For more information, see OpenAPI.

Synthetic monitoring

  • The title of the "Details" page for Synthetic test results is displayed in the breadcrumb style. You can use the elements of the breadcrumb to jump to the Summary tab of the Synthetic test.
  • For a Synthetic browser test (Beta), if no browser logs are available for a specific test result, the Browser section of the Logs widget on the "Details" page is hidden.
  • To improve the performance of scheduling Synthetic tests and sending test results in the Synthetic PoP controller, the default CPU requests and limits are increased, and the logic of sending test results is optimized.
  • To improve the performance of concurrent browser tests, the BrowserScript playback engine is enhanced.

Support grouping in latency distribution chart in Unbounded analytics

For grouped results, the latency distribution chart within Unbounded analytics now offers support for grouping. The chart shows the top 5 groups plus an 'Others' group.


Associated technology is displayed for WebSphere Liberty services

The IBM WebSphere Liberty calls were classified as JVM. Now, on the Applications page, the Services tab shows a Technologies column. The associated technologies for the IBM WebSphere Liberty service are displayed in the column.

IBM i sensor

  • The metrics for SSD and auxiliary storage pool were not displayed in the Instana UI. Now you can view the metrics for SSD and auxiliary storage pool in the Instana UI.
  • Message ID and message text for custom events are updated to correctly map them with event type and description.

Synthetic monitoring

  • Previously, if the time frame was set to Live, the Locations tab showed an error message. Now, because the Live time frame is not applicable for the Locations tab and the "Details" page of Synthetic test results, the Live time frame is disabled in these spots. If you attempt to select Live on the Locations tab or the "Details" page, the Live button is disabled, and a hover message informs you that the Live mode is not applicable on that page.
  • Previously, if a Synthetic location was deleted but the Synthetic PoP uninstallation was not successful, Synthetic test results were still accepted from the location, but they were displayed without a location name. This issue is fixed now. When a location is deleted, Synthetic test results from the deleted location is not accepted by the server.
  • Previously, if all locations that were assigned for a Synthetic test were deleted when you edited the test, the Synthetic test could not be saved. This issue is fixed now. Synthetic tests that have no locations assigned can be saved when you edit the test.

Limited badges and technology icons

On the Services list of the Applications page, the labels in the Types column and the icons in the Technologies column are limited to 3, with the remainder in a tooltip. In this way, the table is not too wide to see all the columns.

Limited badges and icons

Duplicate entries of metrics in Analyze Infrastructure

In the Analyze Infrastructure page, if a metric was added multiple times, multiple entries of the same metric was displayed.

Duplicate entries of the metric with the same aggregation values are no longer displayed in the Analyze Infrastructure page. Only one entry for a metric with the same aggregate value is displayed to make it easier to analyze the page.