Security and Privacy by Design (SPbD)

Security and Privacy by Design (SPbD) at IBM is an agile set of focused security and privacy practices, including threat models, privacy assessments, security testing, and vulnerability management.

This document is intended to help you in your preparations for GDPR readiness. It provides information about features of Instana that you can configure, and aspects of the product’s use, to consider for GDPR readiness. This information is not an exhaustive list, due to the many ways that customers can choose and configure features, and the product can be used in itself and with third-party applications and systems.

IBM developed a set of SPbD processes and tools that are used by all of its business units. For more information about the IBM Secure Engineering Framework (SEF) and SPbD, see the IBM Redbooks Security in Development - The IBM Secure Engineering Framework (available in PDF format).

IBM also provides information about the features of Instana that you can configure, how to use the product securely, and what to consider to help your organization with GDPR readiness. For more information, see Platform considerations for GDPR readiness.