Build 256

Build 256 is released on 22 August 2023.


Automatic tracing for IBM IMS TM Resource Adapter

Instana provides automatic tracing that collects data about the performance of the IBM IMS TM Resource Adapter as a Java application. For more information about the frameworks and tools that are used to collect data about the performance of Java applications, see Instrumented frameworks and libraries.

AWS SDK v3 Kinesis instrumentation for Node.js tracer

Node.js tracer now supports instrumentation for Kinesis in AWS SDK v3.

Etcd sensor

Etcd sensor now supports API 3.x as a Beta. For more information, see Performance metrics for etcd API version 3.x (Beta).

Kong API Gateway sensor

Kong API Gateway sensor now supports Kong-Admin-Token based authentication. For more information, see Kong-Admin-Token based authentication.

New performance metrics for Oracle RAC

Instana now collects the following performance metrics for Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC):

  • List of top ten SQL queries with high I/O in the last 1 hour
  • Library cache hit ratio
  • List of top ten SQL queries with high I/O in the last 24 hours
  • List of SQL queries that do not use bind variable in the code
  • Tablespace usage
  • Wait time per second for the following classes of Oracle wait events: user I/O, other, system I/O, concurrency, scheduler, application, commit, configuration, administrative, network, and queueing

Smart Alerts for mobile app

For mobile app monitoring, you can now get alerted on use cases such as throughput based on sessions and views, HTTP status codes, and custom events. For more information, see Smart Alerts for mobile app monitoring.

Synthetic monitoring: Browser test (Beta)

Synthetic monitoring supports Browser tests in a Beta test. Browser tests are available in Instana SaaS and available to all SaaS customers.

By using Browser tests, you can create Synthetic tests that mimic the actions that users take when they use your web applications. You can create, modify, view, and delete Browser tests by using the Open APIs or the Instana UI.

A new playback engine is used to run these tests. You must upgrade your existing self-hosted Synthetic PoP to add the new playback engine to your PoP deployment.

For more information, see Using Synthetics to monitor endpoints and Using Instana browser testing scripts (Beta).

Synthetic monitoring: Synthetic CLI commands

You can use the synctl CLI commands to manage Synthetic tests, locations, and credentials. For more information, see Synthetic CLI Command.

Table widget for events

In the table widget in your custom dashboards, now you can see a list of events that have been triggered either live or within a specified time period. For more information, see Table widget.


ActiveMQ 5.17 and 5.18 support for Java tracer

ActiveMQ 5.17.x and 5.18.x are supported in Java tracer.

For more information, see Messaging services.

Placeholder support in Synthetics Smart Alert title

You can now use dynamic placeholders as part of your Synthetics Smart Alert title. For more information, see Smart Alerts for Synthetic monitoring


KPI Card Layout

The layout of the KPI Cards on the Application and Service Summary pages is adjusted to match other screens when the window size is reduced.

Synthetic monitoring

  • If an Instana application was deleted, the links to that application from Synthetic tests were retained, and the Synthetic tests with such links could not be updated. Now if an Instana application is deleted, the links in the Synthetic tests that are associated with that application are automatically removed.

  • If no Synthetic PoPs were deployed, the An unexpected error occurred error message was displayed in the Locations tab. Now if no Synthetic PoPs are deployed, the "No data available" message is displayed in the Locations tab.

  • In the Results tab for a Synthetic test, results from the deleted locations could not be filtered. Now you can filter Synthetic test results from the deleted locations. In the Results tab for a Synthetic test, select the name of the deleted location by using the Location filter. Then, you can see the results from the deleted location within the selected time range.

  • If a location was deleted without uninstalling the PoP, the existing tests would still run in the PoP, and the test results were sent to the backend. Now if a location is deleted, the tests are cleared in the PoP, and no new test results are sent to the backend.

  • If a REST API returned a response with the header content-encoding: utf-8, the API script that tested this API failed with the error message Not able to decode utf-8. This issue is fixed.

Unbounded Analytics

In the Unbounded Analytics page, if a tag filter value was blank, the value suggestions of other tag filters couldn't be loaded.

The issue is fixed now. Even though a tag filter value is blank, you can still see the value suggestions for other tag filters.