Build 254

Build 254 is released on 25 July 2023.


Action History

In the Instana UI, you can view the details of action runs. For more information, see Action History.

Apdex widget

The Apdex widget is now generally available in your custom dashboards. For more information, see Apdex widget.

Business monitoring

Instana supports business process monitoring to provide real-time business context for IT. Business monitoring extends observability to business processes.

Business Monitoring is added as a menu item in the Instana UI. You can view a high-level summary of all of your connected business processes in Business Monitoring.

Custom events

A system rule is added to Instana to verify the number of entities that run on a host for an event. The rule named Hosts that have unexpected number of entities running on them is included in the System Rule list in Settings > Events > New Event > Create a New Event. For more information, see Defining custom events.

IBM ACE tracing

The environment variable REMOVE_MQ_HEADER is added for IBM ACE tracing. Some message flows verify the message structure to ensure the accuracy of the data. However, a message flow exception might occur if an MQRFH2 header is added to an IBM MQ message when IBM ACE or IBM MQ tracing is enabled. You can use the environment variable REMOVE_MQ_HEADER=TRUE to delete the trace context in the MQRFH2 header so that message flows can work as expected.

IBM DataPower sensor

Instana supports monitoring gateway peering status of DataPower. The table Gateway Peering Status is added to the IBM DataPower Domain dashboard in the Instana UI. The built-in event IBM DataPower Gateway Peering status is added and is triggered if any configuration doesn't meet the data-synchronization and failover criteria.

IBM MQ Tracing

The support for message destination-based instrumentation is added. With this feature, you can selectively enable and disable IBM MQ Tracing or trace correlation information propagation in IBM MQ Tracing for a subset of message destinations (queues or topics).

Infrastructure Resources snapshots API

The new POST /api/infrastructure-monitoring/snapshots endpoint can retrieve detail information for multiple snapshots. For more information, see OpenAPI.

OS Process sensor

The env_vars_enabled option is added. You can use this option to enable or disable the collection of environment variables.

For more information, see OS process environment variables.

RabbitMQ cluster monitoring

Instana now supports RabbitMQ cluster monitoring, including automatic cluster detection. For more information, see RabbitMQ cluster metrics.

SLO widget for websites

The SLO widget in your custom dashboards now supports website service level objectives. For more information, see SLO widget.

WebSphere Application Server sensor

In the Instana UI, You can see metrics that are related to Service Integration Bus (SIB) if you enabled related Performance Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI) counters in the WebSphere administrative console. For more information, see Monitoring WebSphere Application Server.


Crio sensor

The Memory usage % metric is available for custom event.

File system metrics

File system metrics are now included in the Infrastructure metric catalog of the Analyze Infrastructure dashboard and Custom Dashboards. Metrics that are added include RX Bytes, TX Bytes, RX Errors, and TX Errors.

Screenshot showing filesystem metrics in infrastructure catalog for a widget configuration

IBM MQ sensor

  • Change the minimum poll rate value from 60 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • Add a regex usage example in the IBM MQ configuration section of the agent configuration.yaml file.

Infrastructure correlation

Calls can be correlated to databases that run in Docker containers more reliably now.


The default level of logs for stdout streams is now INFO, and the default level of logs for stderr streams is now ERROR. If the system cannot determine the log level based on the content and structure of the log message, the log level is categorized and displayed as UNKNOWN.

RabbitMQ sensor

Instana now supports monitoring RabbitMQ 3.12.x. Also, the overall stability of the sensor is now improved.

Synthetic monitoring

  • The default resource requests and limits numbers are optimized in the values.yaml file of Synthetic PoP helm charts based on the performance test result.
  • The kafkajs module is upgraded to version 2.2.4 in JavaScript playback engine of Synthetic PoP.
  • Insecure certificates are allowed for HTTPS calls by default for the $http API in the Instana Synthetic API script.



When you removed an application that was starred, you would see an error message. This issue is fixed now.

Email invites

  • An issue with invites to already existing user accounts that join an additional tenant is now fixed.
  • An issue with uppercase letters in invite emails is now fixed.

IBM MQ sensor

To fix the 3 minutes delay, the expiration time of built-in IBM MQ events such as "Queue Full From MQ Events" is changed from 3 minutes to 1 minute.


  • Fixed the issue that unscheduled and unready pod counts values were missing in the charts of the Kubernetes DaemonSet and StatefulSet dashboards. These pod counts values might still be unavailable for customers who use the DaemonSet yaml installation method.
  • Fixed the issue that incorrect pod counts values were displayed in the chart of the Kubernetes Namespace dashboard.
  • Fixed the issue that duplicate events were displayed in the Kubernetes dashboards of the Instana UI.
  • Fixed the issue that false alerts on the cluster node count were triggered.

Synthetic monitoring

The following Synthetic monitoring fixes are included in this release:

  • If you used the PATCH API to modify your Synthetic test, the Synthetic server that handled the API would add an incorrect property to the test, and thus the Synthetic test could not be retrieved, updated, or deleted by using either API or the Instana UI. Now the issue is fixed.

  • When you switch the method of creating a Synthetic test from using the Create Synthetic Test wizard to using the advanced mode, the script content was not carried over into the Configuration section of the advanced mode. This issue is fixed.

  • When you create an API Script test in the Synthetic monitoring UI, if the script content is pasted into the input box and saved, nothing was displayed in the Configuration section. This issue is fixed.

  • In the Synthetic monitoring UI, when you edited a Synthetic test that was paused, the test became active when changes were saved. This issue is fixed. The test remains in the paused state when changes are saved.

  • When an expectJSON was added to a Synthetic test definition, a JSON snippet couldn't be added. This issue is fixed.

  • Previously, when an API script ended with a comment line, the API script failed to run in Synthetic PoP. This issue is fixed now.

  • Previously, when an API script test was created with a timeout greater than 1 minute, the timeout was ineffective in the test run. This issue is fixed now.

Tuxedo Application sensor

When a Tuxedo service or Service Broker Project was invoked by multiple applications, the Tuxedo service or Service Broker Project showed only the performance data in one of these applications. This issue is fixed.

Unbounded Analytics

A issue of calls analytics when calls are grouped by log messages and filtered by HTTP headers at the same time is fixed.