Monitoring infrastructure

Instana ensures that at any time the infrastructure is monitored and represented as it is. All issues and changes that are detected on the infrastructure are constantly related to any occurring issues and incidents on the application and end user level. In this way, you can have a comprehensive understanding of all parts that deliver the application.

Infrastructure - physical, virtual, cloud, hybrid, containerized - is the underlying layer to provide the relevant resources and services for applications. There are several challenges when monitoring infrastructure:

Monitoring software installation needs to scale and be low maintenance:

  • Discover all relevant components with their configuration, and ensure that the data is current;
  • Track changes;
  • Relate infrastructure issues to application impact, and vice versa.

Especially in modern architectures the infrastructure is constantly changing and leverages concepts like clustering and autoscaling to ensure reliability, scaling, and flexibility.

To know more about how to monitor infrastructure with Instana, see the following topics:


  • Entities are limited to show at most 3000 metrics in the Instana UI for performance reasons. Dashboards with more metrics than that limit will have missing metrics.
  • Negative metric values are not displayed.