Action associations

You can associate the actions from the catalog directly by using Instana event definitions and application Smart Alert definitions. This allows you to have access to your automation from the context of an event occurrence.

Defining associations

You can use the following ways to associate actions to events and application Smart Alerts.

Action definition

From the action page, you can associate events and application Smart Alerts. The association is saved after the action is saved.

Event and alert definition

From the events page you can access both built-in and custom event definitions. Here you can select any event and under the Action Associations section, you can add one or more actions that will be associated any time an event of that type is raised. Click Add Action to select action from the actions table. Select all or a subset of events and click Add Actions. The association will be saved upon the event being saved.

From the Smart Alert advanced mode, you can select actions to associate. The association is saved after the Smart Alert is saved.

Event occurence

When an event is raised, you can access the action associations from the Issue and Incident page. These action associations appear in the Associated Actions section of the page. To configure the actions that are associated with the event, click Select Actions in the Associated Actions section. You can remove current associations by using the deselect button, or you can click Add Action to select other actions. You can click Add Actions to add these selected actions to the list of associated actions. To save the changes, click Save. When you add associations here, they are persisted with the event type definition so that next time a similar event occurs, the action association will be available.

Note: Currently, only events of the Issue and Incidents types are supported.

Confidence score for automation

When you associate an action with an event, a confidence score is displayed for each action. The confidence score is derived from embedded-AI (Artificial Intelligence) based on several factors, such as the action definition, tags, and the metadata from the event. The confidence score indicates a potential for the relevance of the action to that event.