Agent-based integrations

With the agent-based integrations, Instana can integrate with other tools, which enhances the data acquisition capabilities of Instana. These integrations are not readily available for immediate use, but need to be configured.

Instana can integrate with the following softwares:

Installing IBM Monitoring Integration Service

You can install the IBM Monitoring Integration Service by using one-liner installation command or downloading the service deployment package from GitHub. Using the one-liner installation is the simpler of the two options. For more information, see Using one-liner installation.

Supported platform architectures

Instana supports the following platform architectures to run IBM Monitoring Integration Service:

  • s390x
  • amd64

Using one-liner installation

To install the IBM Monitoring Integration Service by using one-liner installation, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the Instana UI.

  2. Click More > Agents > Install Agent-based Integrations.

    Agent-based integrations

  3. From the supported architecture list, click the architecture on which the service runs: amd64 or s390x.


  4. Copy and run the displayed cUrl command. For example, if you selected amd64 from the supported architecture list, the following cUrl command is displayed:

    -L -o && unzip && cd ibm-monitoring-integration-linux-amd64 && ./

Downloading the deployment package from GitHub

Alternatively, you can also download the deployment package for the IBM Monitoring Instana Integration Service from GitHub and follow the instructions to deploy the service.


  • If you previously deployed the IBM Monitoring Instana Integration Service, then redeploying by using the new deployment package upgrades it.
  • If you previously installed the IBM Monitoring Instana Integration Service on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and upgraded to version 1.1.0, note the following changes:
    • Beginning with IBM Monitoring Instana Integration Service 1.1.1, HTTPS is the only supported protocol for ingress on all platforms, including Red Hat OpenShift. In earlier versions, ingress on Red Hat OpenShift supported only HTTP. The support for the HTTP protocol is removed.
    • If you used HTTP to configure the Instana OS agent and the IBM APM-Proxy sensor in an earlier service deployment, then change the protocol to HTTPS, and set the port to 443.