Webex Teams integration

Alerting with Incoming Webhook

To configure Webex Teams as an Alerting Channel, head over to "Settings > Team Settings > Events & Alerts > Alert Channels > Add Alert Channel".

Webex Teams alert channel

Add the Webex Teams Webhook URL, which you can create on the Webex App Hub at Incoming Webhooks.

Incoming Webhooks

Incoming Webhooks

When testing the integration with the "Test Channel" button in the "Create Cisco Webex Teams Webhook Alert Channel" dialog, a message like the following should appear in the Webex Teams space linked to the incoming webhook.

Webex Teams test message


The following events are received as an HTTP POST request to the configured Webex Teams Webhook URL (HTTP or HTTPS).

On Open Issues/Incidents

Open issues/incidents

On Close Issues/Incidents

Close issues/incidents