Build 251

Build 251 is released on 13 June 2023.


Aarch64 support for PHP 8.0 and PHP 8.1

Beginning from Instana PHP extension 1.19.0 (included in PHP sensor 1.1.78), the Aarch64 support for PHP 8.0 and 8.1 is added.

Db2LUW sensor: Use Dynamic Focus Query for Db2 database names

Now, you can search and set events for a Db2 instance with a specific database by using Dynamic Focus Query.

To search for a Db2 instance with a specific database name, access the Infrastructure page, and use the query<database name>.

To set events only for selected entites by using Dynamic Focus Query, follow the steps:

  1. Set the Event Details and Condition sections as needed.
  2. In the scope section, set the Apply on option to Selected Entites Only(Dynamic Focus Query).
  3. Set Dynamic Focus Query to<database name>.

IBM DataPower Tracing

You can change the log level of the Instana DataPower Tracing agent to get more information while troubleshooting. For more information, see Monitoring IBM API Connect application.

IBM MQ Managed File Transfer (MFT) monitoring

Instana now provides metrics for the count of transfers that are retrying, timedout, or waiting for agent capacity. For more information, see IBM MQ Managed File Transfer monitoring.

Containerd log collection

You can configure the Containerd sensor to collect supported container logs now. For more information, see Monitoring Containerd.

You can monitor the collected logs by clicking Analytics > Logs in the Instana UI.

Kong API Gateway

The Kong latency graph is now available for the 50th, 90th, 95th, and 99th percentiles. For more information, see Monitoring Kong API Gateway.


IBM Z ChatOps alert channel

IBM Z ChatOps alert channel is added, which allows you to automatically send incidents to IBM Z ChatOps Mattermost platform. For more information, see IBM Z ChatOps alert channel.

Synthetic monitoring: Create Synthetic tests by using advanced mode

Switch to Advanced Mode option is supported for the Create Synthetic Test wizard to create a Synthetic test through the Instana UI. By using the Switch to Advanced Mode option, you can specify many settings that were only available in the API and provide a 'zip' file with a set of scripts. For more information, see Creating a test by using advanced mode

Synthetic monitoring: View and edit test configuration in the UI

You can view or edit the Synthetic test configuration in the Synthetic monitoring UI by using the Configuration tab. To reach the Configuration tab, select a Synthetic test on the Tests tab of the Synthetic monitoring UI. For more information, see Viewing the configuration of a test.

Note: Beginning with Instana 251, the UI labels HTTPAction and HTTPScript in the test creation flows are replaced with API Simple and API Script.

OpenTelemetry integration for Node.js tracer

Instana now supports Node.js libraries, such as,, restify, and fs through the OpenTelemetry integration.

Polling configuration for Db2 LUW metrics

A polling configuration for IBM Db2 LUW sensor is enabled. With this feature, you can set a custom configuration for fetching stats at required intervals and also disable irrelevant stats.


Action associations for application Smart Alerts

Support is provided to associate actions to application Smart Alerts. These associations can be established either from the action definition page or from the Smart Alert definition page. For more information, see Action Assocaitions.


Synthetic monitoring: Location health uses PoP sensor

Location health is determined by using information from the PoP sensor. If the PoP sensor is running on the Instana agent that is monitoring the PoP deployment, the Location name links to the PoP sensor UI pages, and the health indicator shows health status based on monitoring issues that are reported by the PoP sensor. If the PoP sensor is not installed, the Namespace can be used to link to the Kubernetes monitoring UI pages. For more information, see the documentation for the Locations tab.

Synthetic monitoring: Test Results APIs improvements

Open APIs for retrieving Synthetic test results now accept Synthetic tags in the new format in the order by portion of the request. The tag format is the same for all aspects of the Test Results APIs. For more information, see the Open API documentation.

Tuxedo sensor

Previously, Tuxedo sensors without an explicitly defined availability zone were categorized as "Undefined Zone" by default. Now, the default zone is set to Tuxedo Domains if the availabilityZone property is not specified in the configuration file <agent_install_dir>/etc/instana/configuration.yaml.

Container log filter

By clicking Analytics > Logs in the Instana UI, you can use the "Container Snapshot Id" filter, which applies to both Docker and Containerd log messages, instead of using either a "Docker snapshot Id" filter or a "Containerd snapshot Id" filter.

Unbounded Analytics

Now, user preference of log sorting order is saved and does not reset after you leave the Unbounded Analytics page.



Synthetic monitoring: Missing location names in test results

Previously, if you modified a test and removed a location, the past test results on the Results tab and the 'Results' widget on the Summary tab did not include the name of the location. The column for location name was empty for results from the removed location. This issue is fixed now.

Synthetic monitoring: Incorrect test count

The getTestSummary API returns the tests and a count that match the filter criteria. For a not equals filter, the test count is corrected to include tests that have no results.

IBM MQ Tracing

A user exit error that is caused by the log utility of IBM MQ Tracing is fixed.

Unbounded Analytics

Previously, if more than 200 logs were displayed in the log list and you tried to generate a link to one of those logs, the UI showed an error after that link was opened. The issue is fixed now.