Version support policy

The Instana version support policy follows IBM Continuous Delivery Support Lifecycle Policy.

For self-hosted releases, Instana provides minimum 2 years support with extension of 1 year. But Instana delivers fixes only to the latest release. So it is highly recommended that you update to the latest version to best serve your organizational needs. By frequently updating, you can benefit from having the latest features and resolved issues that might exist in previous releases.

Data retention policy

Depending on the type of data, we apply varying data retentions. The following list describes for how long we are storing each data type.

  • Website & Mobile App Monitoring Data: All Website and Mobile App Monitoring data are kept for 7 days. A subset of website and mobile app beacons and approximate metrics are kept for 1 year.

  • Application & Trace Data: All application data including traces and calls are kept for 7 days. Accurate metrics of applications, services, and endpoints are kept for 31 days. A subset of calls and traces and approximate metrics are kept for 1 year.

  • Logs: All the collected logs are kept for 7 days.

  • Infrastructure & Platforms Metric Data: Retention is defined per granularity. An appropriate granularity is picked automatically based on the selected window size.

    • 1, 5 and 10 second granularity: Kept for 24 hours
    • 1 minute granularity: Kept for 1 month
    • 5 minute granularity: Kept for 3 months
    • 1 hour granularity: Kept for at least 13 months
  • Event Data: Kept for at least 13 months

  • Configuration & Graph Data: Kept for the lifetime of the contract

Note: The retention policy that is mentioned here is for SaaS and as the default settings for self-hosted (on-premises) deployment. For more information about the retention policy for self-hosted (on-premises) deployment, see the following documentation: - Data retention for Docker-based Instana deployments - Overwrite data retention defaults for Kubernetes Operator-based Instana deployments


How long are custom metrics collected by Dropwizard, Micrometer or Prometheus retained?

Dropwizard, Micrometer, and Prometheus metrics are Infrastructure & Platforms Metric Data. See the Data retention policy for more details.