Deprecated and removed features

Frequent updates to the product and changes in technology require that some features are deprecated or removed from support. When a feature is deprecated, IBM continues to support the feature, but no longer plans to enhance it and might remove it in a subsequent release of the product.

In the following table, features are labeled Deprecated or Removed based on the following definitions:

  • Deprecated

    A feature that is still supported but no longer developed. The feature is no longer recommended for use and might become obsolete.

  • Removed

    A feature that was deprecated in previous releases and is no longer available in the product. You must use alternative features as a replacement for the removed function.

The Release column indicates the Instana release at which the feature was first deprecated or removed.

Consider the details and recommended actions that are provided in the table.

Feature Status Release Details and recommended action
AWS Lambda Native Tracing for Python Deprecated 256 After 27 November 2023, customers are no longer able to create functions that use the Python 3.7 runtime. The minimum supported runtime is python3.8.
Application trace API Deprecated 253 The endpoint GET /api/application-monitoring/analyze/traces/{id} is deprecated and might be removed in the future. The replacement for this API is GET /api/application-monitoring/v2/analyze/traces/{id} (see OpenAPI). The new API supports pagination and does not provide call data and stacktrace information.
Synthetic monitoring Deprecated 252 The $http API in Synthetic API script is deprecated. You are recommended to migrate your API script from $http to $got. For more information, see API Script Guide.
BeeInstana configuration options Deprecated 251 The spec.ingestor.brokerList key is deprecated and is replaced with spec.kafkaSettings.brokers.
High availability approach for self-hosted Docker-based installer Deprecated 249 The high availability approach for Instana's Self-hosted Docker-based installer is deprecated, and will be removed when the high availability setup for self-hosted Instana backend on Kubernetes/OpenShift (on-premises) is available. If you depend on high availability, you should move to a Self-hosted Instana backend on Kubernetes/OpenShift (on-premises).
HAProxy built-in events Deprecated 249 HAProxy built-in events
Host agent and installer for 32-bit Windows Deprecated 248 The host agent and Windows installer for the 32-bit Windows architecture are no longer updated. You can install the 32-bit dynamic agent and static agent on Windows, and the dynamic host agent is still able to receive updates.
Support for Kubernetes v1.16 Removed 245 For self-hosted Instana backend on Kubernete (on-premises) the minimum supported Kubernetes version is 1.22.
Red Hat OpenShift 4.8 Removed 245 For self-hosted Instana backend on Red Hat OpenShift (on-premises) the minimum supported OpenShift version is 4.9.
AWS Lambda Native Tracing for Python Deprecated 229 Since August 17, 2022, customers cannot update existing functions that use the Python 3.6 runtime. The minimum supported runtime is python3.7.
Monitoring AWS X-Ray (Technology Preview) Deprecated 214 This feature is deprecated and will be removed from Instana when there is native AWS Lambda tracing for all Lambda runtimes.
The extensions/v1beta1 and apps/v1beta2 API versions Removed 211 Use the apps/v1 API version. These API versions were removed in Kubernetes v1.16.