Installing the Host Agent on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

To install and configure the Instana agent as a Daemonset within your Kubernetes cluster, you need to customize the Instana agent daemonset.yaml file.

The Instana agent daemonset.yaml creates the instana-agent namespace in which the DaemonSet is created. This enables you to tag agents to quickly identify them, to stop them, or to to delete the instana-agent namespace.

  1. Sign in to Instana and click More > Agents > Instana agent installation > AWS.

  2. From the Technology list, select Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS).

  3. Enter the cluster name and (optionally) the agent zone:

    • Cluster name (INSTANA_KUBERNETES_CLUSTER_NAME): Used to customize the zone grouping displayed on the infrastructure map. It also sets the default name of the cluster.|
    • Agent zone (INSTANA_ZONE): The customised name of the cluster monitored by this daemonset.

    Note: All of the other required parameters are pre-populated.

  4. Click Download.

  5. To start it through kubectl, run the following command:

    kubectl apply -f instana-agent.yaml

    Note: Any additional edits you make to the instana-agent.yaml file, require that the DaemonSet is recreated. To apply changes, run the following commands:

    kubectl delete -f instana-agent.yaml
    kubectl apply -f instana-agent.yaml

Additional Kubernetes configuration

For information about additional Kubernetes configuration, see the following sections in our Kubernetes docs:

Checking the status of the host agent

After you install the host agent, you can check the status of the host agent in the Instana UI or on the host. For more information, see Checking the status of the host agent.