NGINX Distributed Tracing Binaries

Below you find bundles that provide both the as well as the matching for all supported versions of NGINX, NGINX Plus and OpenResty.

To pick the right package, you need to know the version of NGINX, NGINX Plus or OpenResty you want to trace. You can find that by running the nginx -v command.

All packages released in the official NGINX repository are supported, including both glibc-based versions (RHEL/CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, SLES) and musl-based (Alpine Linux). Custom builds of NGINX are not supported due to issues with binary compatibility. Also, due to quirks of how NGINX packages are compiled, we sometimes need to provide multiple binaries for some other packages offered by particular distribution. For example, for some versions you may find two bundles for Alpine, one matching the package provided in the official NGINX repository, and the other based on the Alpine Linux Packages repository.

Note: All the links as follows are secured with HTTP Basic Authentication. To download the files, use _ as the username and a valid agent key as password.


NGINX Plus R28

NGINX Plus R27

NGINX Plus R26

NGINX Plus R25

NGINX Plus R24

NGINX Plus R23

NGINX Plus R22

NGINX Plus R21

NGINX Plus R20

NGINX Plus R19

NGINX Plus R18


NGINX 1.25.1

NGINX 1.25.0

NGINX 1.24.0

NGINX 1.23.4

NGINX 1.23.3

NGINX 1.23.2

NGINX 1.23.1

NGINX 1.23.0

NGINX 1.22.1

NGINX 1.22.0

NGINX 1.21.6

NGINX 1.21.5

NGINX 1.21.4

NGINX 1.21.3

NGINX 1.21.2

NGINX 1.21.1

NGINX 1.21.0

NGINX 1.20.2

NGINX 1.20.1

NGINX 1.20.0

NGINX 1.19.10

NGINX 1.19.9

NGINX 1.19.8

NGINX 1.19.7

NGINX 1.19.6

NGINX 1.19.5

NGINX 1.19.4

NGINX 1.19.3

NGINX 1.19.2

NGINX 1.19.1

NGINX 1.19.0

NGINX 1.18.0

NGINX 1.17.10

NGINX 1.17.9

NGINX 1.17.8

NGINX 1.17.7

NGINX 1.17.6

NGINX 1.17.5

NGINX 1.17.4

NGINX 1.17.3

NGINX 1.17.2

NGINX 1.17.1

NGINX 1.17.0

NGINX 1.16.1

NGINX 1.16.0

NGINX 1.15.12

NGINX 1.15.10

NGINX 1.15.3

NGINX 1.15.0

NGINX 1.14.2

NGINX 1.14.1

NGINX 1.14.0


OpenResty 1.21.4

OpenResty 1.19.9

OpenResty 1.19.3

OpenResty 1.17.8

OpenResty 1.17.4

OpenResty 1.15.8

OpenResty 1.13.6