Integrating with OpenLDAP

To integrate with OpenLDAP, see the following example:

OpenLDAP - example

In generic LDAP servers, the fields are named differently than in Active Directory setups. The following example configuration is working because the LDAP server is open to the public as a test server. Usually all it takes to set up OpenLDAP with Instana is the Group Query field in the Instana UI. In this field, you can omit the base part of the query.

For instance, the complete group name is ou=mathematicians,dc=example,dc=com, and you have set the Base field to dc=example,dc=com. Then, you can shorten the Group Query field to ou=mathematicians.

See the following configuration example:


See the guide in LDAP Authentication section to authenticate your Instana with OpenLDAP.

See Configuration for the detailed explanation of each configuration.

See Finding the Correct Configuration Values to get the values for each configuration.