Unbounded analytics

Instana's Unbounded analytics provides infinite flexibility to generate new insights from all unsampled, high-cardinality data.

The capability unlocks value for all members of Dev+Ops teams through tag-based filtering, grouping, and visualization.

All data sources and tags are at your disposal, and the tag-based query builder means that there is no complex new query language to learn!

Unbounded Analytics on Calls

Working with Unbounded analytics

To learn how to use Unbounded analytics in practice, refer to:

Fast query mode

The Fast query mode toggle is available and enabled by default when calls or traces are analyzed. When it is enabled, the query can be executed against a subset of the data, if execution against the full data set for the selected time frame takes too long. If the query is not executed against the full data set, the Approximate data indicator will be displayed.

The approximate result can be used to narrow down the selected time frame and thus to speed up the query.

Approximate data

Approximate data indicator will be displayed anytime the query was executed against a subset of the data instead of against the full data set. This can happen when the Fast query mode is enabled or due to Data Retention Policy when analyzing historical data.


Why is there no data displayed on the Analytics page?

Traces and calls

Data is not collected if there is no agent installed, the agent is not running in APM mode, or monitored processes are not getting calls.

To check whether an agent is installed and running, click Infrastructure to view any hosts on the infrastructure map that may have an agent, or click More > Agents to see a list of installed agents. If there are no agents listed, see the documentation on how to install an agent.

Website monitoring (page loads, resources, HTTP requests, JS errors)

Data is not collected if Instana is not monitoring the website, a tracking script was added incorrectly, or services are not being triggered due to a lack of website activity.

See the documentation on how to configure website monitoring.

Why does the tag suggestion dropdown not show a value (e.g. a host name or an endpoint name) ?

Instana makes suggestions on the tag value by doing a quick scan of a subset of calls in the selected time window. If there are no calls or very few calls to a host or an endpoint during that timeframe, the host name or endpoint name might not appear in the suggestion. In this case, you need to enter the value manually.