Monitoring HCL Domino

Domino Server Configuration

In order to enable HCL Domino monitoring, the following lines need to be added to the notes.ini file:

STATPUB_URI=file:///./<your path>/domino_stats.txt

Agent Configuration

Instana will automatically discover and monitor HCL Domino instances without any agent configuration needed.

In order to filter the monitoring metrics the following configuration can be applied:

  metrics-include: '.*'  # regex which matches the desired metric names.

Metrics collection

To view the metrics, select Infrastructure in the sidebar of the Instana User interface, click a specific monitored host, and then you can see a host dashboard with all the collected metrics and monitored processes.

Configuration data

  • PID
  • Install Type
  • Kit Type
  • Fault Recovery Build
  • Mail Server
  • Server Key Filename
  • Server Name

Performance metrics

The sensor automatically collects all the metrics exposed by HCL Domino. As HCL Domino can be utilised in many ways, we are providing a list of the most commonly monitored metric groups:

  • Calendar
  • Database
  • Disk
  • Domino Cache
  • HTTP
  • Mail
  • Memory
  • Platform
  • Replica
  • Server

Granularity: 1 minute.

Health signatures

Custom events can be used in order to trigger issues or incidents based on defined thresholds of any given entity's individual metrics.