Managing built-in issues and incidents

Built-in events are predefined health signatures based on integrated algorithms which help you to understand the health of your monitored system in real-time. In the case that a built-in event is not relevant for the monitored system, it can be disabled. The number of built-in events is constantly increasing as we are continuously working on new rules to enable better insights into the health of your monitored systems.

Additionally, you can configure you own custom events which trigger custom issues.

Events Page

To view the built-in events, from the sidebar, click Settings -> Events.

The Events page displays a list of all the currently available events; out of the box built-in events and any user-defined custom events.

events overview

Icons that represent the event type, and it's severity, are displayed beside the event name.

  • Critical incident - incident (critical).
  • Warning incident - incident (warning).
  • Critical issue - issue (critical).
  • Warning issue - issue (warning).

The state of each event is also displayed; active or disabled. At any time, you can disable an event. However, you can only delete custom events.

The list of events can be filtered by:

  • Built-in or custom.
  • Incidents, warning, or critical.
  • Entity type.
  • Full text search.

Built-in Events Reference

For a comprehensive list of all the built-in events, per entity type, see our built-in events reference.