Build 249

Build 249 is released on 16 May 2023.

Breaking changes

Tibco EMS sensor

Tibco EMS sensor is improved to support monitoring of all the topics and queues of a Tibco EMS instance. These changes might impact not only the Tibco EMS sensor but also the Instana backend and the Instana UI and result in the loss of historical data. The historical data might be present in the database but does not appear in the Instana UI.


Kong API Gateway

A new sensor that monitors Kong API Gateway is available now as Open Beta. It collects metrics from Kong API Gateway. The metrics list might vary depending on whether the Prometheus plug-in is used. For more information, see Monitoring Kong API Gateway (Open Beta).

Open Beta

Monitoring Synthetic PoP

A new sensor is delivered to monitor the health of Instana Synthetic PoP and fire an event in case of an issue. For more information, see Monitoring Synthetic PoP.

Tibco EMS: Multiple topic and queue monitoring

Tibco EMS sensor supports the monitoring of more than 180 topics and queues.

Workload version and management

When you are viewing workloads in the Instana UI, such as Deployments, DeploymentConfigs, DaemonSets, CronJobs, Jobs, and Pods, you can see the version of the workload. In addition to the version, you can see an icon that indicates whether the workload is managed by Helm or Kustomize. The version and icon are displayed in the header alongside the name of the workload that is viewed if the version and the workload management information are available.


Unrestricted access for members in the Owner group

Members of the Owner group now have unrestricted effective permissions and scope access, regardless of their membership in any other groups. A new warning message is displayed on the user detail page when such a combination of group memberships is configured for a user.

Enhancing the association between Kubernetes nodes and infrastructure hosts

A feature is added to enhance the association between Kubernetes nodes and infrastructure hosts. To further improve the monitoring capabilities, a sortable column titled "Monitored by Instana" is introduced on the Nodes tab in Platforms > Kubernetes > Clusters. This column provides a direct link to the corresponding hosts managed by Instana. With this enhancement, you can easily go from the nodes list to specific hosts.

IBM MQ sensor

The Channel Type metric is added to support Dynamic Focus Query for events.

Open Beta

Synthetic monitoring: Enhanced audit log messages

The audit log messages for Synthetic monitoring now include the ID of the affected resource. For example, if a Synthetic test is modified or deleted by using either the API or the Instana UI, the test ID is included in the audit log message. Similarly, if a Synthetic location is deleted, the location ID appears in the audit log message.

Synthetic PoP: Support external secrets

Now you can use your own secrets when you deploy Synthetic PoP with the download key, Instana key, Redis password, and proxy username or password. For more information, see Using external secrets.

Tuxedo sensor

A column is added in the Queue table to represent the count of current messages.


IBM MQ sensor

The Current Publish Count metric is fixed. Now, this metric represents the total number of published messages made by all publications (publishers) that are currently being published to this topic.

IBM MQ tracing

The length of the IBM MQ message header X_INSTANA_T, which contains the Instana trace ID, is changed to 16 characters in length.

Mobile App monitoring

React-native agent 1.11.0 and Flutter agent 2.4.1 use Instana Android SDK 5.2.4, which fixes a bug in the exception handling for closed stream in HttpURLConnection.

Open Beta

Synthetic monitoring: Filtering on the GetTestSummaryList API

Previously, filtering when querying getTestSummaryList failed to return correct results for any operator other than EQUALS. Now, all filter operators on the getTestSummaryList API work as intended.

Synthetic PoP: Fix the crash issue of the JavaScript playback engine

Previously, the JavaScript playback engine crashed when Instana AutoTrace WebHook was installed in the Kubernetes cluster. The issue is fixed now.

Pod health indicator

A bug in the pods list in the Instana UI is fixed. Previously, pods with a completed status displayed the health indicator even in case of no open issues. Now, pods with a completed status no longer show a health indicator.


HAProxy built-in events