Comparison table

The Comparison table makes it easy for you to sort and quickly find the servers and boxes that you would like to look at.

To view the comparison table, on the Infrastructure map, select the Comparison table tab.

On top of the screen you have a dropdown menu which enables you to display metrics over time for selected hosts. You can select a line in the table by simply clicking on it. Clicking again will unselect it (toggle). This way you can multi select all relevant hosts.

The Comparison table is a powerful tool for investigating how specific processes match up to others, and locating stressed and bottlenecked components. Like every other dynamic table in Instana, the comparison table can be sorted by column header. Additionally, you can also get very specific with the data you would like to see.

  1. Specify the content on the table with the dropdown labelled Table content. As an example, select Services.

  2. Select the metric you would like visualized from the dropdown to its right. For example, call/s.

  3. Select whichever service from the table whose calls you would like visualized.

A real-time graph appears above the table displaying the call/s count for your selected service. To compare the current service with another one, simply select another service from the table and it will appear in the graph as well. Any number of services can be toggled in and out for comparison.

Instana also visualizes multiple metrics for multiple services. To see both call/s and error rates for any currently selected services, go back to the metrics dropdown and click on another metric, such as error rate. You can reset your comparisons by selecting Clear Selections in the top right above the table.