Getting started

Now that you are interested in Instana, it's time to start your Instana tour:

  1. See How Instana can help to learn how powerful Instana is.

  2. Watch this Instana application performance monitoring video to learn the scenarios where Instana can help.

    Watch this Getting started with Instana video to learn how to get started with the Instana UI.

    For more videos, see here.

  3. Play with Instana to discover the power and ease of use of Instana in a preconfigured live application performance monitoring sandbox.

    Take the following guided tours to know what Instana is and try several activities in the Instana UI:

    • Introduction to Instana
    • Solve a backend incident by using an Instana alert
    • Solve a frontend performance problem identified by an Instana alert
    • Monitor a release and understand the Impact
    • Cut through the complexity - focus on what matters to you
  4. Try Instana free trial to use the full-featured Instana SaaS solution in your own environment.

  5. Select an Instana deployment option that you need as described in the Deployment options topic, and deploy a production Instana.

  6. Monitor technologies by using Instana as described in Instana capabilities.

  7. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can submit a request or contact with Instana SMEs by using the emails in this file.

  8. For more references about Instana, see the More references section.

More references