Slack integration


To configure Slack as an Alerting Channel, head over to "Settings > Team Settings > Events & Alerts > Alert Channels > Add Alert Channel".

slack alert channel

Add the Slack Webhook URL, which you can create in Slack by navigating to "Browse apps > Custom Integrations > Incoming Webhooks".

If not specified the Slack integration will post to the channel configured on the slack side, you can override the channel and user icon by configuring it on the Instana side.

incoming webhooks

The following events are received as an HTTP POST to the configured Slack Webhook URL (HTTP or HTTPS).

On Open Issues/Incidents

garbage collection

On Close Issues/Incidents

garbage collection 2

Slack App


It is mandatory to have a valid logged in Instana session during app installation.


The installation process starts with clicking the Add to Slack button as follows. After granting access to read:links and write:links you are forwarded to a tenant selection page where you choose the tenants unfurling should apply to. For all selected tenants a new API token with the name Slack Token will be generated. This token is used to resolve desired preview information.

Add to Slack