Build 250

Build 250 is released on 30 May 2023.

Breaking changes

Action Framework (technology preview)

The action framework technology preview is optimized in preparation for Open Beta. This optimization can cause changes to the underlying persistence layer. As a result, all existing actions and their associations might disappear from Instana. However, the data is not lost. Data migration might not be necessary now because this feature is in technology preview. However, if you want to migrate your actions and their associations, contact IBM Instana support.


Application monitoring

With Application Smart Alerts, you can get alerts on the number of erroneous calls now (in addition to error rate).

Custom payloads in Synthetic Smart Alerts

You can configure Synthetic Smart Alerts with custom payloads. For more information, see Synthetic custom payload.

Dynamic parameters for automation actions

Dynamic parameters are added for automation actions derived from the monitored infrastructure related to the issue based on a tag. Dynamic parameters are automatically detected, and they continuously update the relations of the monitored system by using Instana's unique Dynamic Graph.

IBM ACE Tracing

The IBM ACE Tracing user exit image is now available in the Instana public artifactory for you to download. For more information, see Downloading IBM ACE Tracing user exit.

IBM DataPower sensor

Instana supports monitoring XML names of DataPower. The table XML Names is added to the Instana UI.

IBM MQ Tracing

The IBM MQ Tracing user exit image is now available in the Instana public artifactory for you to download. For more information, see Downloading IBM MQ Tracing user exit.


Instana now provides support for instrumenting the GORM library in the Go ecosystem. For more information, see Databases.

Mobile App monitoring

Flutter agent 2.6.0 is released with the following two features:

  • Capturing HTTP calls that are issued inside iOS platforms (in Swift or Objective C) and Android platforms (in Kotlin or Java). For more information about enabling native HTTP capture, see How to enable native HTTP capture.

  • Capturing HTTP calls that are issued within Dart. For more information about enabling HTTP auto capture within Dart, see How to enable HTTP auto capture within Dart.

Oracle RAC

Instana supports monitoring of Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) as Open Beta. For more information about Oracle RAC, see Oracle RAC.

SpringBoot v3 metrics collection

Spring Boot sensor can collect metrics from Sprin Boot v3 applications now. For more information, see Monitoring Spring Boot.

Technology preview

Mobile App monitoring: Crash collection

Instana now supports Mobile App crash collection as technology preview. For more information, see Crash Collection.


Custom events

Now, when you use multiple metric conditions in a custom event, you can combine these metric conditions with the OR logical operator, in addition to the AND logical operator. For more information, see Custom events.

IBM i sensor

Instana supports monitoring metrics and configuration data for IBM i platform 7.5.


In the Logs home page, the query time of filtering and grouping logs is faster now. To go to the Logs home page, click Analytics > Logs in the Instana UI.

Trace details

The "Download call details" link is added to the header of call details.

Website monitoring

The following open APIs for JavaScript source map uploading are updated to be compliant with the OpenAPI specification:


Application Metrics API

Previously, some snapshot IDs that were returned by the API endpoint /api/application-monitoring/metrics/services did not match the filter specified in the request. The issue is fixed now.

IBM ACE sensor

Previously, the flow nodes metrics were lost in flow nodes table for container-based IBM App Connect Enterprise (ACE) environments. The issue is fixed now.

Previously, the queue manager connection status wasn't updated accordingly after queue manager was disconnected or reconnected. The issue is fixed now.

IBM ACE Tracing

The HTTP request header X-INSTANA-T and the IBM MQ message header X_INSTANA_T, which contain the Instana trace ID, are changed to 16 characters in length.

IBM i sensor

The issue that inactive subsystems were reported as active in the IBM i remote monitoring is fixed.

Open Beta

Synthetic monitoring: API details

Previously, when you queried Synthetic test results by using the api/synthetic/results Open API and used the metrics with aggregated values in the "order by" part of the API call, the call failed, and no results were returned. This issue is fixed now.

Synthetic PoP: Javascript playback engine

Previously, when an API script test ran abnormally in the JavaScript playback engine, the JavaScript playback engine couldn't run other tests. The issue is fixed now.

Trace details

Previously, website and mobile beacons weren't displayed in the Details panel of the Trace view on the Analytics dashboard. This issue is fixed now.

Screenshot showing the details side-panel missing web beacons Screenshot showing the details side-panel with web beacons

Unbounded analytics

Previously, the sidebar search filters were not appearing in the API query menu in the Query Builder on the Analytics dashboard. This issue is fixed now.

Screenshot showing the API query popover using selected sidebar filters