Build 247

Build 247 is released on 18 April 2023.


Oracle Tuxedo monitoring

A new sensor that monitors Oracle Tuxedo is available now. It collects metrics from Management Information Base (MIB) for Tuxedo domains, machines, and servers. For more information, see Monitoring Oracle Tuxedo.


Android-agent 6.0.0 release

This release makes the following Gradle 8 compatibility fixes for Android-agent 6.0.0:

  • Upgraded Android Gradle Plugin (AGP) version to 7.2.2, Gradle version to 7.3.3, and Kotlin version to 1.6.10.
  • Removed deprecated Transform API used by Instana plugin to improve application build time.
  • Upgraded targetSdkVersion in Android-agent to 33, and fixed unit test cases.
  • Upgraded dependent library versions for Android-agent and Instana-example app.
  • Upgraded targetSdkVersion in the Instana-example app to 33, and removed deprecated APIs.

Events API

  • When you fetch issues or incidents by using the Events API, you can see that some extra metadata is exposed, such as the application ID of a service event, or the failed file transfers of an IBM MQ Managed File Transfer event.

IBM MQ sensor

Open Beta

Synthetic Monitoring: PATCH API improvements

The PATCH API for a Synthetic test is updated to support modification of any attribute of a test. You can change any portion of the Synthetic test without providing the entire payload of the test. Now you can patch the test to update only the test's schedule or the test script for an HTTPScript test type. For more information, see the Open API documentation for patching a Synthetic test.

Synthetic Monitoring: External storage performance improvement

For self-hosted Instana servers where Synthetic Monitoring is enabled and the file system for external storage is used, the external storage path is changed to include a subdirectory for each testId. This change significantly reduced the CPU time that is used by the synthetics-acceptor when it writes a new file. The change limits the number of files that need to be checked by the file methods to prevent duplicates. This change was also delivered in service for Release 245.

Synthetic PoP: New Synthetic API script npm package

A node package manager (npm) package synthetic-api-script is published to allow users to test and debug Synthetic API script locally.


Custom dashboard: Time Series widget

Fixed a bug on aggregations of all other groups of the Time Series widget when data source is either Websites (Beacons) or Mobile Apps (Beacons).

IBM MQ sensor

The issue that the Queue Full From MQ Events is not triggered in the environment where the server name contains '-' is fixed now.

Open Beta

Synthetic Monitoring: Fix only 59 results issue

Previously, when you selected a time frame of 'Last 1 hour' on the Tests tab in the Synthetic Monitoring UI, tests that are scheduled to run every 1 minute displayed 59 of 59 results. Now the time frame is internally adjusted to ensure that the tests that are scheduled to run every 1 minute display 60 of 60 results.

Synthetic Monitoring: Fix incorrect results for the tag filter

The GET Synthetic locations OpenAPI would sometimes return incorrect results when you use a tag filter expression in the filter. This issue is resolved. For more information, see the API documentation for retrieving the list of locations.

Synthetic Monitoring: Fix the Synthetic test pause issue

Fixed a bug where a SELECT statement is no longer accepted in a newer version of the supporting software. The bug caused issues with pausing a Synthetic test.

Synthetic PoP: Fix connection to backend issue in FIPS mode

Previously, when Synthetic PoP is deployed in the FIPS mode, a connection issue to the Instana backend was encountered. Now the issue is fixed.

Synthetic PoP: Fix response time issue for an HTTPAction test with a URL redirection

Fixed a bug about the response time for an HTTPAction test that has a URL redirection.