Configure Google SSO

Configure Google Single Sign-On for Self-hosted Installation

If you want to use Single-Sign On in your Self-hosted installation, you require valid Google credentials. For more information, see the Google documentation.

  1. To create the required OAuth credentials, login to your Google (company) account and navigate to the API Credentials section.

    Single Sign-On On-Premises

  2. Select Web application.

  3. For the authorization redirection URL, use https://YOUR_INSTANA_BACKEND/auth/signIn/idp/callback?client_name=ssoGoogle( on the screenshot).

    Single Sign-On On-Premises.

  4. Click Create and save your Google Client ID and secret.

  5. In your settings.hcl file enter the new credentials.

  6. Run instana update.

  7. Now you should see the Single-Sign On button in your Instana login form. Don't forget to create a filter as described above to give new users the ability to login to Instana.