Configuring user interface settings

To configure Instana User Interface, click Settings > User Settings > General form the sidebar on the Instana UI.

General settings

Setting Description
Show maintenance notes Display upcoming Instana maintenance prompts.
Prompt for URL shortener Prompt to generate a shortened URL when you use the CTRL+L/CMD+L shortcut.
High-quality chart rendering Toggle the quality if chart rendering.
Table refresh rate (3s) Ranges from once per second to once every 10 seconds.
Format time according to UTC Requires a browser refresh to become active.
Format numbers in en-US format Numbers are formatted in your locale's format. Select to format in en-US format.

Advanced settings

Form the sidebar, click Settings > User Settings > Advanced.

Advanced user interface settings

Troubleshooting (self-hosted only)

Troubleshooting settings This setting is only available in a self-hosted (on-premises) Instana installation. Instana support team might ask you to enable this setting temporarily to get access to the information as follows, which can be useful for troubleshooting issues raised in a support ticket. The setting is turned off automatically after 30 minutes.

Service troubleshooting tab

An additional Troubleshooting tab is available on the service dashboard. It provides technical information on service mapping. If you have an issue with the naming of a service, you can take a screenshot of this tab, and then attach it to the support ticket.

Service troubleshooting tab

Internal tags

Some internal tags are available in the Unbounded Analytics dashboard. Instana support might request you to do some queries by using these internal tags for troubleshooting. Do not use any of these internal tags during regular use of Instana. These tags can be changed or removed at any time.

Internal tags