Build 249

Build 249 is released on 31 May 2023.

Minimum version to update from directly: Build 245.

Cumulative release notes #248, #249

Release information

With the update to 249, connections to all databases must be authenticated (see

Existing databases are reconfigured accordingly. This happens with almost no additional manual configuration, non-existing credentials in the settings.hcl are initially created. A modified settings.hcl is the output after the update. The exception is the multi-host setup when after updating the Clickhouse host the Clickhouse credentials have to be manually copied to the settings.hcl of the Instana host. For details, refer to Datastore credentials.

We migrated Docker registry and package repositories to our new Artifactory server. Installation instructions have been updated accordingly. The old repos continue to work but will no longer be updated after release 247. They will be turned off once older releases only available there are no longer supported.


Apache HTTPd Tracing for AIX

Instana supports tracing IBM HTTP Server on AIX now. For more information, see Apache HTTPd docs.

Couchbase Tracing Support for Node.js

Support for tracing Couchbase ( has been added in Node.js collector version 2.21.0.

Website monitoring

Now you are able to upload the Javascript source maps to parse stack trace with error beacons. For more information, see Uploading Javascript source maps.

Workload version and management

When you are viewing workloads in the Instana UI, such as Deployments, DeploymentConfigs, DaemonSets, CronJobs, Jobs, and Pods, you can see the version of the workload. In addition to the version, you can see an icon that indicates whether the workload is managed by Helm or Kustomize. The version and icon are displayed in the header alongside the name of the workload that is viewed if the version and the workload management information are available.

Tibco EMS: Multiple topic and queue monitoring

Tibco EMS sensor supports the monitoring of more than 180 topics and queues.


Alert notifications: Add an alert about end-of-life Python runtime

Now when an end-of-life (EOL) Python runtime is detected, an alert is displayed in the Instana UI.

Alert notifications: Add an alert about end-of-life Ruby runtime

Now when an end-of-life (EOL) Ruby runtime is detected, an alert is displayed in the Instana UI.

DataPower Tracing agent

  • Added unique service name for each DataPower API Gateway instance. The naming rule is datapower:<datapower-appliance-name>.

  • Added linking between the tracing calls and metrics. You can now link to DataPower Appliance metric from tracing call page, or link to DataPower service from DataPower Appliance metrics page.

  • Showed the full infrastructure stack information for DataPower tracing. To see the infrastructure stack information, go to the Instana UI, click Applications > Services, click a DataPower service, and then click Stack.

  • Enriched display of error message when an HTTP error occurs.

  • Added the unique span name for each DataPower tracing call. Now the span name is datapower.http.server and datapower.http.client.

    Scrrenshot showing span name

Enhancing the association between Kubernetes nodes and infrastructure hosts

A feature is added to enhance the association between Kubernetes nodes and infrastructure hosts. To further improve the monitoring capabilities, a sortable column titled "Monitored by Instana" is introduced on the Nodes tab in Platforms > Kubernetes > Clusters. This column provides a direct link to the corresponding hosts managed by Instana. With this enhancement, you can easily go from the nodes list to specific hosts.

IBM ACE sensor

You can filter the flow nodes based on the node type by using the flowNodesExcludedRegex field in the <agent_install_dir>/etc/instana/configuration.yaml configuration file. For more information, see the description of the flowNodesExcludedRegex field in the sample configuration file.

IBM i sensor

Non-volatile memory metrics and overall system disk status are added. For more information, see Non-volatile memory express and Overall disk status.

IBM MQ sensor

The Channel Type metric is added to support Dynamic Focus Query for events.

Identity Provider group mapping

For new users who join a tenant with a deployed Identity Provider and active automated group mappings, if they don't get access due to the restrictions of group mappings, they will not be added to the list of users. The existing users of a tenant are not affected.

Tuxedo sensor

A column is added in the Queue table to represent the count of current messages.

Unrestricted access for members in the Owner group

Members of the Owner group now have unrestricted effective permissions and scope access, regardless of their membership in any other groups. A new warning message is displayed on the user detail page when such a combination of group memberships is configured for a user.


Custom dashboard: Pie and Top List widgets

Fixed a bug on aggregations of all other groups of the Pie and Top List widgets when data source is either Websites (Beacons) or Mobile Apps (Beacons).

DataPower Tracing agent

The incorrect display of span type is fixed. Now the first incoming request is set as Entry span, the outgoing request is set as Exit span, and other API calls in DataPower is set as Intermediate span.

Db2LUW sensor

hadr_log_gap metric issue: Fix for setting events based on Standby ID

Previously, it was only possible to set events for the entire HADR pair by using the hadr_log_gap metric. However, now you can use the Standby ID to set events for a specified HADR pair. You can create events in the Create new Event page in the Instana UI by using the following settings:

  • Entity Type to Db2.

  • Metric to hadr > HADR Log Gap.

  • Matching operator to is.

  • Standby ID to <Standby ID in HADR Generic Table>

  • Aggregation as min, Operator as >=, and Bytes as <threshold Byte value>.

    Then, the event is triggered on the primary database when hadr_log_gap metric reaches the threshold limit in bytes.

log_utilization_percent metric issue: Fix decimal places of percentage value

Previously, log_utilization_percent metric was not working as expected. Now it is fixed by correcting the decimal places of the percentage value.

Entities lifecycle

In large environments with a scaled-out filler component, some entities might be marked as offline even though they are monitored by another filler instance. For example, when a Kubernetes agent changes leadership, all entities in a cluster report to another filler instance. The filler instance that was monitoring these entities might mark them as offline due to inactivity.

IBM ACE sensor

The Java heap memory dump issue is fixed by breaking down the large metrics payload.

IBM MQ sensor

  • The issue that IBM MQ was not always shown in the assigned availability zone is fixed.
  • The issue with the slow cleanup of the Channel Down event is fixed. When a channel is down, a Channel Down event is triggered in the instana UI. When the channel was started, the Channel Down event was cleaned very slowly before the fix. After the fix, the Channel Down event is cleaned in 2 minutes.
  • The Current Publish Count metric is fixed. Now, this metric represents the total number of published messages made by all publications (publishers) that are currently being published to this topic.

IBM MQ tracing

The length of the IBM MQ message header X_INSTANA_T, which contains the Instana trace ID, is changed to 16 characters in length.

IBM WebSphere Application Server Infrastructure sensor

The issue that the WebSphere Application Server Infrastructure with WebSphere Application Server 8.5.5 wasn't shown in the Instana UI because of a NullPointerException is fixed.

Incorrect value of Earliest Timestamp for a group of calls

The value of the Earliest Timestamp for a group of calls is fixed in the unbounded analytics page of the Instana UI. Previously, the Earliest timestamp used a rounded-down value. Now the Earliest timestamp shows the actual timestamp when the first call happens in the call analytics.

Mobile App monitoring

React-native agent 1.11.0 and Flutter agent 2.4.1 use Instana Android SDK 5.2.4, which fixes a bug in the exception handling for closed stream in HttpURLConnection.

OS Process sensor: Fix abnormal process termination

eBPF sensor 1.0.25 provides the ebpf-sensor binary 0.2.0 with the following fixes:

  • Fixed a problem that the binary file of eBPF sensor occupies 100% CPU.
  • Added filtering of irrelevant Linux commands that exit abnormally to reduce the CPU load.

Pod health indicator

Fixed a bug in the pods list in the Instana UI. Previously, the color of a pod's health indicator failed to accurately reflect its health status. Also, in the detailed view page of a pod, the health indicator icon misreported the health status of the pod. Now, the health indicator icon displays the accurate health status of the pod.

Minor releases


  • Improved infrastructure correlation when a call uses the hostname from the host FQDN.
  • Fixed the Top List custom dashboard widget that would show memory usage for multiple processes when clicking the link for a specific process.


  • Fixed Docker bind options on systems with SELinux enabled.
  • Updated the list of allowed TLS ciphers for Nginx. CBC ciphers are now disabled.