Build 247

Build 247 is released on 25 April 2023.

Minimum version to update from directly: Build 243.

Cumulative release notes #246, #247

Release information

With the update to 247, connections to all databases must be authenticated (see

Existing databases are reconfigured accordingly. This happens with almost no additional manual configuration, non-existing credentials in the settings.hcl are initially created. A modified settings.hcl is the output after the update. The exception is the multi-host setup when after updating the Clickhouse host the Clickhouse credentials have to be manually copied to the settings.hcl of the Instana host. For details, refer to Datastore credentials.

We migrated Docker registry and package repositories to our new Artifactory server. Installation instructions have been updated accordingly. The old repos continue to work but will no longer be updated after release 247. They will be turned off once older releases only available there are no longer supported.


Exploration chart in the Infrastructure Analytics page

For further entities exploration, you can select a chart metric to display its values across all filtered entities.

IBM MQ tracing

  • The Instana UI now supports displaying message headers. You can use the IBMMQ_RFH2_HEADERS_TO_EXPOSE property in the mqtracingexit.conf file to specify a list of message headers that must be included in the span payload. For more information, see Configuring IBM MQ Tracing.

  • The IBM MQ tracing user exit now supports the environment variable INSTANA_SERVICE_NAME. You can set a custom service name by setting the environment variable INSTANA_SERVICE_NAME in the mqtracingexit.conf file for the IBM MQ processes.

Tracing support for NGINX 1.15.3

Tracing support for NGINX 1.15.3 is added.

Website monitoring

The website monitoring now supports uploading Javascript sourcemap to parse stack trace with error beacons. For more information, see Uploading Javascript source maps.

Oracle Tuxedo monitoring

A new sensor that monitors Oracle Tuxedo is available now. It collects metrics from Management Information Base (MIB) for Tuxedo domains, machines, and servers. For more information, see Monitoring Oracle Tuxedo.


IBM MQ tracing

The default value of the property IBMMQ_PUBSUB_SUPPORT in the mqtracingexit.conf file is changed to off.

Android-agent 6.0.0 release

This release makes the following Gradle 8 compatibility fixes for Android-agent 6.0.0:

  • Upgraded Android Gradle Plugin (AGP) version to 7.2.2, Gradle version to 7.3.3, and Kotlin version to 1.6.10.
  • Removed deprecated Transform API used by Instana plugin to improve application build time.
  • Upgraded targetSdkVersion in Android-agent to 33, and fixed unit test cases.
  • Upgraded dependent library versions for Android-agent and Instana-example app.
  • Upgraded targetSdkVersion in the Instana-example app to 33, and removed deprecated APIs.

Events API

  • When you fetch issues or incidents by using the Events API, you can see that some extra metadata is exposed, such as the application ID of a service event, or the failed file transfers of an IBM MQ Managed File Transfer event.

IBM MQ sensor


Flow map

Previously, service types were missing in the flow map. This bug is fixed now.

IBM ACE sensor

Previously, only the SSL key with the beginning delimiter --BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-- was supported. The SSL key with the beginning delimiter --BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-- was not supported for container-based ACE environment. Now, the SSL key with the beginning delimiter --BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-- is also supported.

Custom dashboard: Time Series widget

Fixed a bug on aggregations of all other groups of the Time Series widget when data source is either Websites (Beacons) or Mobile Apps (Beacons).

IBM MQ sensor

The issue that the Queue Full From MQ Events is not triggered in the environment where the server name contains '-' is fixed now.

Minor releases


Wrong proxy server configurations in the components of the Instana backend is fixed.


  • Added a new command to reset database passwords instana restore --reset.
  • Fixed creating the Docker network when the installer was used to create data stores only for operator-based setups.


  • Fixed offlined Elastisearch search snapshots on online entities, so that queries no longer incorrectly return empty results.


  • Fixed Docker bind options on systems with SELinux enabled.